Anatoly Dyatlov Of HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Is Taking Over The Internet As A ‘Great, Not Terrible’ Meme

Chernobyl Character Anatoly Dyatlov Has Been Turned Into A Meme


If you have watched any of the hot new HBO series Chernobyl, then you are very familiar with the man who steadfastly refused to accept the reality of the situation: Deputy Chief-Engineer of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Anatoly Dyatlov.

Throughout his time on screen in the shocking series, Dyatlov uttered some of the most memorable phrases we will hear all year when he said unbelievable things like, “Three point six. Not great, not terrible,” and “You didn’t see graphite. You didn’t. You didn’t! Because it’s not there!”

Also, who will ever forget Dyatlov’s classic line when seeing one of his co-workers being physically destroyed by radiation, “He’ll be fine. I’ve seen worse.” No wonder Russia wants to make their own version of Chernobyl.

No one. That’s who. Especially those looking to create some dank memes, because Dyatlov’s quotes were so perfectly tailor-made for such a thing.



Ain’t that the truth?

Life is just full of wonderful surprises.

Seriously. Someone get to work on that.

Nailed it.