Chiefs RB Melvin Gordon Is The First Honest Athlete In History – Delivers Quote Of The Year

Melvin Gordon

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Melvin Gordon is getting a ring following the Kansas City Chiefs win in Super Bowl LVII. He’s getting a ring because he was on the roster, but he played exactly zero snaps for KC all season.


Gordon knows that he didn’t do anything to earn the Super Bowl ring and doesn’t mind being open about the fact the team won it without him and he’s just enjoying the benefits.

“What’s the difference between walking into a team like the Chiefs, that are in the Super Bowl, compared to other teams you’ve been on?” Gordon was asked.

“The difference?” Gordon responded, “The difference is I didn’t do s**t. I got carried. I got carried baby!”

Lucky Pick Up

Melvin Gordon signed with Kansas City after getting cut by the Denver Broncos mid-season. Despite not being good enough to earn a single snap since season with the Chiefs, Gordon started 6 of 10 games for Denver but performed poorly enough to get benched and released.

Gordon ran for only 3.5 yards per carry, and worst, he fumbled 5 times on only 90 carries. Including fumbles around the goal-line that cost the team points.

Gordon is more known this season for this meme involving Denver quarterback Russell Wilson than he is for anything else.