Christopher Walken Has Never Owned A Computer Or A Cell Phone

Christopher Walken joined Colbert on The Late Show, where he told the host that he’s never owned a computer or a cell phone:

“I got to a certain age where it just passed me by.”

Hey Chris? We’re talking about computers, not TikTok. You had your wits about you in the ’90s dude. You were 55 when the iMac came out. That’s an age where you’re still with it, right? You still read technology magazines on airplanes at that age. Computers and cell phones didn’t pass Christopher Walken by; Christopher Walken chose to ignore them.

There was a kid in college who didn’t have a cell phone. He was a rower from Canada, and he was enormous. 6’8” or something. You know what else he didn’t have? Friends. Nobody wants to keep up with someone via word of mouth. You don’t stay in the loop about parties and lunches and study groups by trusting that people will care about you enough to locate you and tell you what’s up.

But here’s my question: Chris Walken has been in a billion movies. Being his agent/manager must SUCK. Whenever you want to see if he’s interested in a part, you have to send a courier to his house with a hard copy of the script. No quick email feelers. Sure, he probably has a landline. But if he’s out pruning the roses? You gotta wait. Sorry, Scorsese… can’t get a hold of Chris. I’ll have to get back to you.

In a way, it does sound like a peaceful life. Guy never has that itch to reach into his pocket for his phone. Just walks through life seeing everything around him. Never has to “power down.” Just turns out his light and sleeps from 9PM-5AM like a coal miner.

Good for you, Chris. Although sad that you’ve had to miss out on all those great impressions of you…