Comedian Breaks Down How 100 Humans Could Win A Fight Against Any Land Mammal

Hippo opens its mouth

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The Internet is full of inside jokes. Some of these inside jokes stick around longer than others.

A perfect example of this would be ‘is a hot dog a sandwich?‘ Another famous example would be ‘who would win in a fight, a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?’

Then there’s this question that comedian Nathan Hurd hilariously breaks down in the video below. He is asked if there is any animal (specifically, a land mammal) that 100 humans couldn’t take in a fight. Nathan Hurd is profanely and hilariously VERY confident that 100 humans would whip any animal on planet earth if there were 100 of them.

Responding to the question ‘is there any animal on the planet that 100 humans couldn’t take out with their bare hands?,’ Nathan Hurd says the following:

“I don’t think there’s any land animal that we could not, like a hundred of us can’t take out. I know some people are gonna be like ‘what about a Hippo’ or something…”

“Well, a hippo’s like 3,500 pounds. A hundred like 175-pound dudes. That’s like what, 17,500 pounds. If we come at them from both angles we can just climb on his back and f–king smother his a– to death. Know what I’m saying? I think if (there’s) a hundred of us we can take anything out.”

“We gonna lose some people. Like, that’s going to happen. If we go at a bear somebody’s going to get bitten in the face. The bear’s taking out 27 of us for sure. And a hippo might take out 53 but in the end, I think we got that mother f–ker.”

Could 100 Humans Win A Fight Against A Hippo? Nathan Hurd Says Yes, ChatGPT Says No

I got curious what the ChatGPT bot that’s gone viral recently would have to say about this. The AI chat bot has a very different answer from comedian Nathan Hurd.

I recently asked the ChatGPT bot the horse-sized duck question and it gave me an answer about human cruelty. It completely missed the point. But here’s what the AI ChatGPT bot says about 100 humans fighting a hippo:

ChatGPT answer 100 humans vs hippo


Who do you believe, comedian Nathan Hurd’s compelling and hilarious argument that 100 humans would win a fight against a hippo? Or do you believe the artificial intelligence chat bot?

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