TikTok Influencer Says He Is In The Hospital Days After Licking A Toilet For A ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Video

TikTok influencer says he is in the hospital days after posting viral Coronavirus Challenge video.

iStockphoto / snowflock

A week ago, we brought you the story of how Instagram models were doing the “Coronavrius Challenge,” where they purposely licked toilets on video for Likes and views. Now, an online influencer who made a Coronavirus Challenge video that went viral, says that he is in the hospital.

Generation Z and young millennials have not exactly put their best foot forward during the coronavirus pandemic with their partying on packed beaches and chugging beers from a stranger’s bunghole. But even when some people are practicing social distancing, they are not practicing proper hygiene, especially when they are licking toilet seats for the ‘Gram.

TikTok influencer Larz posted an attention-seeking video of him proudly licking a public toilet seat. Days later, the 21-year-old Larz claims that he is now in the hospital and tested positive for the COVID-19.

His Twitter account, @gayshawnmendes, was also suspended for promoting the potentially dangerous viral stunt.

Larz was also one of the influencers who joined in the viral trend of licking tubs of ice cream in supermarkets and then putting them back in the freezer. Not exactly a quality individual.

Larz previously appeared on Dr. Phil where he said: “I don’t talk to my family. They’re irrelevant. None of them have followers, if they got followers or got rich I’d probably talk to them again.” Again, this individual does not have a stellar character.

That same episode of Dr. Phil featured 22-year-old Instagram model and influencer Ava Louise. She made headlines a week ago when her Coronavirus Challenge video of licking a toilet on an airplane went viral.

As of Sunday, the ‘#CoronavirusChallenge’ hashtag has racked up a mind-bending 931.6 million views and searches on TikTok. There is going to be a multitudinous amount of people licking things for social media clout. And this is how our species will go extinct. It was fun while it lasted, but hey, how are you supposed to be famous unless you put strange things in your mouth?