Coronavirus Panic Causes People To Fight In Costco And Call 911 Over Crazy Long Lines

Costco and grocery stores see massive lines and brutal fights break out as panic sets in the United States.

Getty Image / Mario Tama / Staff

The coronavirus pandemic is a serious situation where people should take proper precautions (Read advice HERE) and be prepared if the outbreak gets worse. However, people shouldn’t panic, and you shouldn’t be buying seven years’ worth of toilet paper. The COVID-19 outbreak, which has less than 2,500 confirmed cases and 55 deaths in the U.S., has caused mass hysteria resulting in massive lines at stores, and people are brawling in Costco.

People are showing up in droves to their local Costco or Sam’s Club to stock up on food and supplies in case the COVID-19 outbreak hits home. That is equating to crazy long lines just to get inside of the membership-only warehouse clubs.

Like really long lines.

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Like insane lines that go on for blocks.

Even long-stretching lines for Costcos in Canada where people had to wait in below-freezing weather.

And after you battle your way in, you’ll have to make a mad dash for the toilet paper.

Then after fighting everyone for the last package of TP, you’ll then have to wait in a ridiculous checkout line.

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The lines are so long that people are calling 911 for help. The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station had to inform people that the 911 emergency phone line is not to make complaints about the long lines at Costco.

The sheriff’s official Twitter account tweeted: “Please don’t call 911 because people are cutting in front of you in line at the store. It ties up valuable resources for real emergencies!”

People also called the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to report fights at Costco.

The police did not find anyone fighting or arguing when they got to the Costco. The same was not true for a Costco in New York. Customers got into a heated argument while in line at a Costco in Brooklyn.

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Police were called to the Fairfield Costco in California after several fights broke out over shopping carts and toilet paper.

There was a nasty fight over toilet paper in Australia.

One shopper was seriously injured after they were involved in a fight at a Sam’s Club in Georgia. During the fight over a package of water, both men both grabbed wine bottles and began hitting each other. One person was stabbed with a broken wine bottle. One of the men involved in the brouhaha was seen being taken out on a stretcher.

People, relax and enjoy a $1.50 hot dog and a chicken bake.

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Like really long lines.