Man Gets Diagnosed With Coronavirus, Promptly Goes Bar-Hopping, Reportedly Tells Relative He’s Going To ‘Spread The Virus’

Japanes man in his 50s tested positive for coronavirus and went to bars in Japan and said he was intentionally spreading the COVID-19.

Getty Image / Tomohiro Ohsumi / Stringer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued coronavirus prevention steps for people who are confirmed or suspected of being infected with COVID-19. The steps include: Stay home except to get medical care, separate yourself from other people and animals in your home, wear a facemask, and clean your hands often. In none of their guidelines did the CDC advise hitting up bars when you have the coronavirus. That didn’t stop this individual from bar-hopping after testing positive for the coronavirus.

On March 4, a Japanese man in his 50s went to the hospital in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, to be tested for the coronavirus. The unidentified person was asymptomatic, but both of his parents, which he lives with, tested positive for COVID-19. Medical staff informed the man that he too had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The hospital staff did not have a medical facility to assist him that night, but instructed the infected man to go directly home, and they would provide more options for treatment and medical facilities the following day. The man celebrated his coronavirus diagnosis and took a taxi to an izakaya bar, before walking on foot to a Filipino bar, according to the Independent. People are selfish and dumb, so good luck attempting to anyone believing that they can contain the airborne virus.

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After downing several alcoholic beverages, the man reportedly told fellow bar patrons that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Probably not the best bar pick-up line. A staff member overheard the conversation and contacted local health authorities, according to the Daily Mail. If there was a cover band at these bars and they didn’t play Down with the Sickness, they failed.

Cops from the Gamagori Police Station that were clad in protective Hazmat suits arrived at the second bar; however, the man had already taken a taxi home, according to the Fiji News Network (FNN). Police tracked down the anonymous man, and he was reportedly sent to a treatment facility the next day.

The Tokyo Reporter claims that the man told a relative that he was going to intentionally “spread the virus.” Do you want the plague? Because this is how you get the plague.

The two bars were being sterilized, and staff members and customers were reportedly being tested for the virus, a city official told FNN.

There are currently over 107,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including over 500 in Japan, and 3,662 deaths worldwide.

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