Bro Hero Tries To Make A Commercial For Costco’s KIRKLAND Light Beer In His Backyard

Costco is the greatest store on planet earth. You can leave with a belly full of hot dogs and soda for less than $2, or ball-on-a-budget with a cheese party platter for 50 and a tub of maple syrup for, like, a combined price of $40. It’s consumption heaven.

Costco’s signature store-brand beer, KIRKLAND SIGNATURE LIGHT, is a highly-underrated cheap beer. It’s just as drinkable as Natty and Keystone, but highly underutilized by the type of people who drink Natty and Keystone because you need a Costco membership to acquire it. If you ever want a good read, scroll through the Kirky Light ratings over on Beer Advocate, where it gets noted for “not being that bad for $.30 a beer.” For example:

This is my favorite light lager. It has a mildly enjoyable caramel flavor but no head retention, smell, or real body. Regardless of price point, it’s better than Bud Light, Coors Light, etc. Considering the price point, WOW! My buddy and I went to Costco the other day and saw these. $9.97 for 48. Yep, we did a double take too, and then we bought three. What a deal.

You get the gist.

One Bro hero decided to make a Kool-Aide Man-style beer commercial for Kirkland Signature Light. It’s highly entertaining and I can’t get this line out of my head:

“Kirkland Light: available in 48 packs where you buy your pants!”

Hell yes to Costco pants.

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