Comparing The ‘Creed 3’ Workouts Of Michael B Jordan vs Jonathan Majors To See Which Is Best

Creed 3 stars Jonathan Majors and Michael B Jordan

Getty Image / Paras Griffin

Michael B. Jordan is reprising his role as Adonis in Creed 3 and this time he’s facing off against Jonathan Majors who will play Damian Anderson, a childhood friend and boxing prodigy who has resurfaced.

All signs point to this being a box office hit. Even with no actual Rocky Balboa in sight, this is being heralded as one of the great Rocky films.

For this film, Michael B. Jordan and Damian Anderson both had to get shredded. They needed to get in professional boxing shape for the sake of authenticity. On top of that, Jonathan Majors is blowing up in the MCU as Kang the Conqueror and Michael B. Jordan has at least 5 projects in the works.

For this film, the YouTube team at Men’s Health put together this comparison of the Creed 3 workouts of the two stars. They ask ‘whose workout style is better?’ which seems silly given how both of these actors got the desired results.

The transformations these guys go through for roles are unreal. They give me hope that when I finally win the PowerBall and hire a celebrity trainer to get me in shape that it’s doable with the right diet and workout routine.

Here is a look back at previous workouts from Michael B. Jordan that prepped him for this Creed 3 routine: