Dana Carvey Confirms He Led ‘Master Of Disguise’ Crew In 9/11 Prayers While Dressed As A Turtle

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During a recent episode of the podcast that he shares with David Spade, former Saturday Night Live star Dana Carvey confirmed a long-running rumor and where he was and what he was wearing when the 9/11 attacks happened.

As the story goes, Carvey was in the midst of filming the infamous 2002 bomb The Master of Disguise when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on that fateful day.

And not only has Carvey confirmed that’s true, but he also revealed that he was in costume as “Turtle Man” when he led the cast and crew in prayer.

“It’s kind of a sensitive topic, but after 9/11 I was shooting a movie called Master of Disguise,” Carvey said on a recent episode of the Fly on the Wall podcast.

“I was in [the costume] all that day and then they said, ‘We’re going to have a group prayer about 9/11.’ And I couldn’t get the thing — I would’ve held everyone for a half hour getting all that prosthetic makeup off — so, as I remember it, everyone else was [wearing] civilian clothes, I’m dressed as the Turtle Man, with a bald head, and I’m holding hands and I’m lowering my head and praying and I just thought at the moment: ‘This is very strange.'”

With a historically abysmal 1% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, The Master of Disguise has since been widely derided as one of the worst movies ever made.

Directed by Perry Andelin Blake — who would never direct another feature film again — The Master Of Disguise attempted to utilize Carvey’s impression skills by telling the story of a man who is trained to become a “master of disguise” by their grandfather after their parents are kidnapped.

Despite its abysmal reviews, The Master of Disguise actually wound up being profitable as it made $42 million at the box office against its $16 million.

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