Man Jumped On Stage And Attacked Dave Chappelle At Hollywood Bowl, Chappelle Joked He Thought It Was Will Smith

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  • A man jumped on stage and tackled Dave Chappelle on Tuesday night at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • The man ended up sustaining multiple injuries and had to be transported to the hospital after confrontation with Chappelle’s security team.
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A bizarre situation unfolded at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night.

According to several witnesses, a man jumped on stage and attacked comedian Dave Chappelle during his set.

Here is a portion of the incident that was caught on camera.

There’s also video of the man being apprehended by police after the attack.

Another video shows the man being transported to the hospital after he sustained multiple injuries due to being confronted by Chappelle’s security team.

Apparently, Chappelle joked about the incident as soon as it was over.

Update: Here’s Dave Chappelle talking about the incident with Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes at the show.