‘Deadpool 3’ Will Reportedly Be Released In 2022, Official Announcement Rumored To Be Happening Soon

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Of all the iconic characters that Disney recently acquired from Fox — the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, to name a few — Wade Wilson has always seemed to be the most likely to be the first to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the franchise is already an established brand with a committed team behind the scenes.

In recent months, more and more details about a potential third film in the franchise have begun to pour out, as Ryan Reynolds himself teased a meeting with Marvel Studios, while the series’ screenwriters revealed that Disney will reportedly allow them to continue making the films R-rated.

Now, according to recent rumors, Disney — who just revealed the release dates for eight new films over the weekend —  is reportedly on the verge of announcing Deadpool 3 and giving it a 2022 release date.

Recent reports suggesting that the highly-anticipated threequel is on its way have now been supported by industry insider and freelance journalist Daniel Richtman. The scoopster tweeted an update on the project this weekend, also letting us know that we should expect an official announcement soon. [via We Got This Covered]

As Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld pointed out earlier this year, he’s never been concerned about a third film in the franchise being made, as the series is one of the most valuable assets that Disney acquired from Fox.

With Deadpool 3 seeming like a certainty at this point, the only question that remains is how Marvel Studios will choose to incorporate the famously self-aware Merc with a Mouth into the larger MCU. Given the character’s penchant for breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience directly, it presents Disney with an exciting opportunity to be hilariously meta about their introduction of the iconic blade-wielding mercenary.


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