Newly Declassified CIA Intelligence Report Reveals New Info About 1973 UFO Sighting At ‘Site 7’ In Russia

Newly Declassified CIA Document Reveals Info On 1973 Russian UFO Sighting


A 50-year-old UFO mystery that happened in Soviet-era Russia (now Kazakhstan) just got a little closer to being solved as a recently declassified CIA Intelligence Information Report reveals details never-before-known to the general public.

The UFO sighting, which took place at an experimental Soviet missile range in the summer of 1973, was initially revealed in a heavily redacted 1978 CIA Intelligence Information Report.

In that report, a witness said he was watching sports on television when he decided to step outside for some air and spotted the UFO in the sky.

“Within 10 to 15 seconds of observation, the green circle widened and within a brief period of time several green concentric circles formed around the mass,” the witness said in the report. “Within minutes the coloring disappeared. There was no sound, such as an explosion, associated with the phenomenon.”

Newsweek reports…

Heavily redacted, the declassified version of the document contains only a single paragraph, detailing an encounter with a UFO at a location called “Site 7.”

The UFO encounter took place in the summer, when the sighting’s source “stepped outside for some air,” taking a break from watching a Canada vs. USSR sports match on TV. It was evening, and the source saw above “an unidentified sharp (bright) green circular object or mass in the sky.”

The UFO spotter believed the object was hovering above the cloud level, though it was a clear sky at the time of the sighting. The source was not, however, able to estimate the object’s diameter.

This week, after The Black Vault researcher John Greenewald received a response on his request for a Mandatory Declassification Review of the intelligence report, he shared what he discovered.

It occurred at the Soviet operated Sary Shagan Weapons testing Range, located in what is now present-day Republic of Kazakhstan. It was here that during the 1970s, the Soviet Union was secretly launching experimental missiles, along with testing laser weapon systems utilizing powerful antennas.

The CIA intelligence document was crafted utilizing information from an unknown source. It outlined the types of weapons tested at the facility; locations of exactly where experimental weapons were stored and launched from; diagrams of buildings and housing units; and the report of “unidentified aerial phenomenon”.

Greenewald added that this area has had repeated UFO activity since the 1940s leading to the USSR establishing a special top-secret UFO/USO research program in 1978.

The UFO encounter outlined in this CIA report also reinforces an ongoing issue that still plagues the U.S. military today. “There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years,” the U.S. Navy told The Black Vault in 2019. “For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the USAF take these reports very seriously and investigate each and every report.”

Greenewald also cites former US Department of Defense employee Luis Elizondo, who wrote in his resignation letter, “In many instances, there seems to be a direct correlation the phenomena exhibits with respect to our nuclear and military capabilities. The Department must take seriously the many accounts by the Navy and other services of unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms and displaying beyond next generation capabilities.”

“This is very much similar to the context we see today, with threats on military facilities,” Greenewald told Newsweek. “The US Navy has gone on the record saying whatever this is, it’s a concern. They’re being encroached upon by this unidentified phenomena.”

Greenewald knows…

the truth is out there


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