Someone Made An Unhinged, Curse-Filled, Deep Fake Version Of That Annoying ‘Burger King’ Commercial

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Burger King

If you have existed in the United States of America for the last few months, then odds are you’ve seen or heard Burger King’s new commercial.

The ad, which advertises the Whooper, has been airing since late 2022 and has already fixated itself in the brains of sports fans due to how often it’s been aired during the NFL playoffs.

In case you can’t quite think of the commercial at the moment, here are the “lyrics” for it:

Whopper, Whopper, Whopper, Whopper,
Junior, double, triple Whopper,
Flame-grilled taste with perfect toppers,
I rule this day.

Lettuce, mayo, pickle, ketchup,
It’s OK if I don’t want that,
Impossible or bacon Whopper,
Any Whopper my way.

You rule, you’re seizing the day,
At BK, have it your way.
You rule!

The ad is obviously a success for Burger King as it’s not only catching the attention of television watchers, but it’s also spawning parodies, and as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, maybe not this time.

Over on Twitter, someone has made a deep fake version of the Burger King commercial that features such NSFW lyrics that we can’t even risk embedding the video in the article — you’re going to have to click over to Twitter (THIS LINK) to watch it. Trust me when I say it’s absolutely worth it: I’ve been cackling at this video for close to an hour now.

Here is the edited version of the deep fake commercial’s “lyrics”:

The brand new burger you can f***,
This burger is better than sex, you can f*** this burger

Only at Burger King you can stick your d*** in this burger
Your b***s will explode, guaranteed
You can come inside, outside, and all over the new Burger King burgers

This burger will make your skin soft and your a****** tight
Our estrogenizing burgers will give you t**s the size of basketballs
And that’s no cap, have it your way at Burger King
Where your stupid a****** will get f***** six ways from Sunday

Burger King might’ve created a monster with this jingle.

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