Disney CEO Says 10 (!!!) MCU TV Shows Are Currently In The Works


In case you couldn’t already tell, the future of pop-cultural entertainment very much exists in the streaming world.

With the launch of a new streaming service seemingly every month, the powers that be in Hollywood have made their intentions known when it comes to the future of delivering content.

Take perhaps the Hollywood studio, Disney, who recently announced via CEO Bob Iger that “the priority in the next few years is television” when it comes to Star Wars.

The galaxy far, far away isn’t the only behemoth franchise being shaped to stream on the small screen, as Iger also somewhat shockingly revealed that TEN Marvel Cinematic Universe-centric projects are currently in development at Disney+. Ten!!!

Speaking on Disney’s quarterly earnings call, CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger made a huge confirmation about the future of Marvel Studios content on Disney+. Iger opened up about the future of content on the streaming service, and how Disney doesn’t feel pressure to develop shows faster for Disney+, and with it confirmed a solid number of Marvel shows being worked on for the service.

After spotlighting the recently teased The Falcon and the Winter SoldierWandaVision, and Loki, Iger said: “There are seven other Marvel series in various stages of development or pre-production.” [via ComicBook]

The revelation from Iger comes just days after Disney gave fans their first taste of the upcoming MCU series with a brief Super Bowl Sunday teaser:

Thus far, of the ten shows teased by Iger, eight of them have been confirmed: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, What If…?, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. At this time the other two MCU projects have yet to be confirmed.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be the first Disney+ series to premiere when it debuts in August. Then, in the Spring of 2021, the massive mindfuck that is WandaVision — which has been described as “part classic sitcom, part Marvel epic” by MCU head Kevin Feige — hits the streamer. Additionally, that same spring, Loki and What If…? will also premiere. Finally, in the Fall of 2021, Hawkeye will debut.


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