Diver Captures Possibly The Most Terrifying Photo Of A Great White Shark Ever

Kane Overall is a photographer who captures scenes under the ocean and he took a few photos of great white sharks that are absolutely frightening. In fact, you could be so bold as to declare the stunning images as the most terrifying photos of a great white shark ever.

The 32-year-old Overall dared to venture in the shark-laden waters off the Neptune Islands in Australia. The diver was smart enough to go into a shark cage into these dangerous waters. Hungry sharks are swarming in the area because of the large seal colony in the area.

The underwater photographer captured the petrifying moment that a huge great white shark charged towards him and it is magnificent as much as it is horrifying. The female great white shark that stalked Kane was over 11-feet-long and suddenly bolted towards him, even flashed her razor-sharp teeth for the camera.

“It came in around two meters from the cage and then one time charged us for this shot and ended up turning off around two feet from my camera,” Overall said. “I knew it was going to be a pretty wild shot but maybe too close as I was shooting 50mm.”

Narrator: The shot was pretty wild. “When I got up on the boat everyone crowded around the camera in the housing for a quick look and we were all blown away,” Kane said.

These photos alone are scary enough to make you soil your boxer-briefs.