Domino’s delivery guy gets girl’s number from work, sends the worst texts

A Domino’s employee was fired after sending texts to a girl he delivered a pizza to, getting her number from the company’s database. Not surprisingly, his texts to the girl were cringeworthy.

According to Jezebel, the texts below were sent by the unidentified driver in Stone Mountain, Ga. to a 23-year-old woman immediately after he dropped off her Domino’s order.


Shockingly, the advances from a pizza delivery man were unwanted by the woman. After Jezebel contacted Domino’s corporate for corroboration on the story, a spokesperson told the Web site that the employee would be fired immediately for “[going] against everything we stand for.”

The lesson? If you’re going to steal a chick’s number from your Domino’s delivery, at least give her some free Cheesy Bread.