Drake Absolutely Posterizes Adult Film Star Jada Fire On Joe Budden’s Instagram Live

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ICYMI, Joe Budden (Pump It Up) held an IG live check-in on porn star Jada Fire. Some people know her as Jada Fyre, like the festival. Lord knows she’s attended a few get-togethers hosted on bare mattresses that resulted in torrential downpours. Her Wikipedia page claims she’s retired, which means absolutely nothing in the world of adult films. As long as the internet exists, the library of Jada Fire’s work will always have visitors.

This morning, I saw her trending and thought… MY Jada Fire? As it turns out, she belongs to the hearts of many. Including Drake!

What a fantastic interchange. Mr. Budden realizes pretty quickly that he’s made a mistake. Hoping for an elucidating conversation with a woman capable of extinguishing the California wildfires, he instead finds himself on the receiving end of countless drunken tongue waggles. And as we all know, Joe Budden does not play.

But perhaps Ms. Fire got what she wanted—the attention of Drake, who came into the chat and hailed the porn star as one of his favorites. If that had been the end of it, we might not have heard about this. But Drake, to his credit, is funny. The guy is a multi-talented hyphenate, equally adept at dismembering rapper foes with diss tracks (Meek Mill) as he is at ethering over-the-hill porn stars with witty humor.

Yikes. There is no best way possible to look like a current member of 50 Cent’s early rap team G Unit. Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, The Game… these are not complimentary doppelgangers for a woman. Poor Jada. If only there were a way to remember her at her best. Let’s take five.