Drone Footage Of Hurricane Harvey Destruction In Rockport, Texas Shows How Devastating This Storm Is

Hurricane Harvey has been sitting on top of Southern Texas for several days now, dumping more rain than the great state of Texas has ever seen before. I haven’t been glued to the Weather Channel over the weekend like I usually am whenever a hurricane hits, mostly because I’ve been dealing with flooding at home here in Sarasota, Florida, flooding that absolutely pales in comparison to what’s taking place in South Texas.

There are currently more than 30,000 people displaced from their homes in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey. There are multiple confirmed deaths. Parts of Texas have seen over 20 inches of rain since Friday and that number could climb up to FIFTY INCHES OF RAIN before the storm finally leaves the area.

The drone footage above was filmed by Brian Emfinger and featured on CNN, and it shows just how destructive Hurricane Harvey’s winds have been. After seeing this footage, if you are looking for ways to donate to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief you can just follow that link and head over to VOX where they’ve compiled a list of charities all working on relief and recovery in Texas.

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