Dua Lipa Reveals Secret To Having The Best Sex

Dua Lipa

Jun Sato/Getty Images

In a candid revelation on her weekly podcast, pop star Dua Lipa shared her perspective on maintaining healthy romantic relationships and spiced-up intimacy.

The 28-year-old artist, Dua Lipa believes that open and honest communication about sexual needs is essential for a relationship to thrive, as reported by the DailyMail,

Dua Lipa, who is presently in a relationship with Romain Gavras, 42, found the idea of not discussing sex within a romantic partnership ‘bizarre’, deeming it a peculiar anomaly. She encouraged couples to shed any inhibitions and discomfort associated with discussing sexuality.

“Not talking about sex with the person you are having sex with is a weird anomaly for me,” said Dua Lipa. She emphasized the importance of normalizing conversations about sex, aiming to create a more open and guilt-free atmosphere around the topic.

“I think it’s important to normalise the conversation around sex and make it a topic that we can speak about more freely, so we can let go of the guilt and the shame that ­surrounds it.”

The pop sensation also shared her insight into maintaining lasting love, highlighting the significance of keeping the spark alive. She stressed the importance of curiosity in partners and finding ways to continually engage with one another.

“It’s always so fun — and it goes back to that idea of keeping things fresh — to find ways to continue to be curious about your partner.”

Dua Lipa and her boyfriend, Romain Gavras, have been dating since early 2023.

The couple recently embarked on a romantic holiday, relishing their time together and strengthening their connection.

Dua Lipa’s candid advice serves as a reminder of the value of open communication and keeping the excitement alive in romantic relationships.