People Shared The Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Said To Celebrities In Person And I Can’t Stop Laughing

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The vast majority of people in the world don’t come into contact with celebrities on the regular. Unless you live in L.A. or NYC, then bumping into a celebrity is an occurrence that might come only once every few years, or maybe every few decades depending on where you live or how often you travel.

I lived in SoHo for five years and would from my apartment down Prince St. to the BroBible offices every morning and without fail, I’d see paparazzi swarming outside of the Mercer Kitchen/Mercer Hotel at least once a week.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West owned a condo on the other side of that building where across the street (Houston) there was a private dog park I’d take my dog to and I’d watch psycho teen fans wait outside of their condo before fashion week and the Met Ball to scream in their faces as they left the building and got into a car. People see celebrities and lose their shit. But more often than not, it’s not New Yorkers or Angelinos, it’s the tourists. When you see celebs in New York you’re supposed to leave them TF alone. Let them live their lives. That’s not the case below.

All of these people shared tweets of the dumbest things they’ve ever said to celebrities after Twitter user @rachyymarshall sent out a tweet asking this question. Personally, the dumbest thing I’ve ever said to a celeb was in an interview with Dwight Howard like 7 years ago when a coworker convinced me I should ask him if he was scared of catching Bieber-fever because the sound byte would be good. It was not. I looked like an idiot. Dwight was not amused. Just all-around miserable.

Let’s get started….

This is just an honest response.

To be fair, you could run into 99.9999% of celebrities and have this response.

The entire band owned a dog together?

Shooters gotta shoot.

Do only millennials talk to celebrities?

Am I supposed to know who Brendon Urie is?

This is just good business advice.

Celebrities are not like us.

Has Daniel Radcliffe ever smiled at anyone?

Is Hozier still around?

These keep going on and on and on. You can check out the full thread on Twitter by hitting that link.

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