YouTuber Demonstrates Why Putting An Oxygen Tank In A Fridge And Shooting It With A .50-Cal Is A Bad Idea

YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian has recently released a video designed to help keep everyone safe by showing everyone ‘what not to do’ if ever put in this situation.

For his latest gun safety video, Edwin Sarkissian demonstrates why putting a pressurized oxygen tank inside of a refrigerator and then shooting it with a .50-caliber rifle is a bad idea.

Nobody ever said it was a good idea but that’s not the point. We’ve all gathered here today to see that shooting an oxygen tank with a BFG-50 from Serbu Firearms is, in fact, a bad idea.

Even when this experiment is performed under semi-controlled conditions, the explosion clearly presented a threat to Edwin and his partner.

Furthermore, he burned his neck with the previous gun which proved incapable of exploding the oxygen tank inside of the refrigerator.

Do Not Attempt At Home: Oxygen Tank Inside Fridge Explodes After 50-Cal Shot From Edwin Sarkissian

Personally, I’m a bit shocked that the fridge held up before the Serbu BFG-50 finished the job.

The last time I saw Edwin Sarkissian blowing up an oxygen tank on YouTube it took incendiary ammo. But that was an oxygen tank inside of a car, not a fridge, so it needed a little more nudging than usual.

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