Eli Manning Is Shilling An NFT Linked To ‘BoneCoin’ And People Have So Many Jokes

Eli Manning Shills NFT Linked To 'BoneCoins' And People Have Jokes

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  • Eli Manning is promoting a hot new virtual currency called…bonecoin
  • The former QB has been promoting bonecoins (which are linked to an NFT created by Frank’s Red Hot) and people have plenty of jokes
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It’s been around a year since NFTs took the world by storm, and after spending a few months trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on, I decided to finally admit I didn’t have the faintest idea and gave up on my quest to make sense of it all.

Did I miss out on the chance to retire in my 30s thanks to a JPEG of a cartoon monkey in a Robocop costume smoking a joint? Perhaps, but I’ve come to terms with that and like to think my life is better as a result.

There’s no denying there are practical uses for the technology that serves as the foundation for NFTs, but when you take a look at the many baffling projects that have harnessed it, it’s not too hard to understand why the trend has been met with an incredible amount of skepticism.

Earlier this week, a new challenger entered the virtual arena in the form of Frank’s Red Hot, which recently unveiled what’s been dubbed an “edible NFT” linked to a new cryptocurrency called “bonecoin.”

No, that is not a joke.

On Wednesday, Eli Manning appeared on The Today Show to let viewers know how to earn bonecoins by taking pictures of chicken wings, because this is apparently the world we now live in.

You have to imagine Frank’s Red Hot knew exactly what it was doing by releasing a virtual currency with “bone” in the name, and as you’d expect, people have plenty of jokes.

Everything is dumb.

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