Elon Musk Immediately Shuts Down Grey Check Mark Idea And Gets Blasted For It

Elon Musk Shuts Down Grey Check Mark Idea And Gets Blasted For It

Getty Image / Taylor Hill

Twitter has been a bit of a mess since Elon Musk took over. The verification process has been a hot topic of discussion, as the billionaire keeps coming up with new rules about the social media site. After introducing a grey check mark to indicate verification, Musk immediately shut it down. Now, he’s getting blasted for his flip-flopping decision-making.

Elon Musk Flip-Flops Twitter Verification Idea

First, it was reported that Twitter would utilize a grey checkmark as an “official label” for verification, per Culture Crave. It was originally roasted as it felt like Elon Musk had created a new check mark that already existed with the blue one.

However, shortly after it went live, it turns out that Musk shut down the entire idea altogether. Ed Zitron shares a snapshot of the multi-billionaire confirming he “killed it.”

Everyone Is Roasting Elon Musk

Many are roasting Musk for his off-the-wall decision-making. Even so, the popular business owner claims “that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in [the] coming months.” Even if that’s the case, he’s getting roasted regardless.

It’s like we’re back in the wild west of Twitter.

Valid point.

So, nobody knows what’s going on? Cool, cool.

Maybe one day Twitter will make much more sense. Until then we will likely continue seeing some weirdness with Elon Musk running the show.