New Emirates First Class Suite Is More Luxurious Than Your Grandparent’s Condo At The Ritz

new Emirates First Class Suite

Casey Neistat / YouTube

Casey Neistat has over 8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. I don’t actually have a clue in hell as to what he posts on his YouTube channel from day to day. I’ve only ever watched the videos where Emirates Airlines hooks him up with First Class tickets to/from Dubai because he can vlog about it to his millions of subscribers.

The last time I watched a video from Casey Neistat was about a year ago when he was flying from Dubai to NYC on Emirates and ‘got upgraded‘ to First Class. This time, Casey is flying from Brussels to Dubai in the all-new Emirates First Class Suite where high-rollers have their own individual rooms aboard the plane. This is a glimpse into luxury travel that most people will only ever see on YouTube because it would cost STUPID amounts of money to book one of these tickets:

Casey describes it as feeling more like a ‘small and extremely elegant hotel room’ than an airplane seat. Which has me wondering what kind of tiny ass Japanese box hotels he’s been staying in. But, he appears to be a man who spends his time globe-trotting so I’ll take his word that box-sized elegant hotel rooms exist somewhere. There’s a door which fully opens and closes, two TVs, a closet, a chair that reclines into a bed, and more.

I’d also like to send a quick shoutout to him for dressing like a complete jabroni for this video. The dude got a free flight on Emirates in their all-new First Class Suite, the finest way to travel outside of a private jet, and he showed up wearing a full ‘Crying Jordan’ sweat suit. That takes some kind of class. I don’t even want to get into how great that food was. I had a 6:45am flight this morning on JetBlue where they offered me some free water and acted like they were doing me a favor. This dude’s practically living it up at an NYC steakhouse-quality restaurant in the skies. Must be nice.

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