Eric Andre And Steve-O Discuss Their Worst Drug Experiences

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Jackass star Steve-O has been famously sober for over 14 years now. His sober, vegan lifestyle is an extreme departure from his early days of fame when he didn’t believe he’d live past 30 years old.

Hosting non-sober guests on his podcast makes for some interesting conversations about substance abuse given Steve-O’s past and present. Case in point, Eric Andre discussing his most and least favorite drugs and sharing some of his worst and best experiences.

The conversation takes a weird turn when they discuss getting ‘fished out’ on Nitrous Oxide, a gas with many common uses that is often abused in various ways. About 1:30 in the discussion, Eric Andre lists his ‘top 5’ for Steve-O, some of which are tied to therapy.

Eric Andre’s Top 5:

1. Booze
2. Xanax
3. Caffeine
4. Nitrous Oxide
5. Psilocybin
6. MDMA for therapy alongside psilocybin therapy

Eric Andre also reveals he’s done some ‘Ketamine Therapy’ but doesn’t have as much experience with it as other substances. Steve-O then dives in a story about how there’s a “road in LA” where when you drive down the street it’s “sponsored by Ketamine clinics.”

It is at that point that sober Steve-O asks Eric Andre “is Ketamine clinic a lot of fun?” Eric Andre then reveals he “only did it once,” referring to the clinical experience. Andre says it was “the cleanest Ketamine” he’s ever done and called “the most powerful Ketamine experience (he’s) ever had.” He then follows that up by saying he’s “not a Ketamine guy” but adds that he doesn’t “dislike it, it’s just not (his) go-to.”

Surprisingly, Eric Andre then reveals that cannabis is the only drug that he actively dislikes. The conversation then goes back to the two discussing very street-level understandings of commonly used and abused substances.

It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway: do not seek out any of these at home. Eric Andre is discussing therapeutic and legal uses, as far as we know.

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