Fans Are Already Blaming Hailee Steinfeld For ‘Distracting’ Josh Allen

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In the grand tradition of any time a NFL quarterback dates someone famous, Josh Allen is now getting knocked on social media for dating actress Hailee Steinfeld.

Much like Jessica Simpson, Olivia Munn, Danica Patrick, and Shailene Woodley, the 26-year-old Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse actress is supposedly being too much of a distraction to the Buffalo Bills’ star quarterback.

After the 27-year-old Allen and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams, who knew each other since they were in elementary school and dated since high school, broke up, it was widely rumored that Steinfeld was the cause.

This was especially the case after the couple were photographed together in New York. Then later a photo was shared online of Allen with his arm draped around Steinfeld while at dinner at a restaurant, which according to the New York Post was a “makeout-filled sushi date night.”

The rumor was also fed by the fact that Brittany Williams reportedly liked an Instagram comment that said Josh Allen cheated on her with the actress.

Throw in the fact that a recent video posted to the Buffalo Bills’ account showed Allen goofing around trying to cover rookie running back Jordan Mims on a pass play and now fans are officially concerned.

“Josh [is] too focused on Hailee Steinfeld and not focused enough on football,” one fan commented.

“In this thread, I will dive into how this is problematic for the Bills’ Super Bowl aspirations and whether we should be worried about the New Woke Josh.”

“Ah man what happened to focusing on football?” another fan asked.

“Josh Allen with Hailee Steinfeld after he cheated on his long-time girlfriend & forced her to sign an NDA with a $4 million private settlement is not exactly teeing himself up for a settled personal life heading into a massive season for his legacy…” someone else tweeted.

Not sure they are actually a Bills fan, but still…

For what it’s worth, People says Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen have been “hanging out for a few weeks.” Whatever that means.

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