Guy Arrested For Stealing Firetruck Just To Drive 15 Miles To A Bar With The Sirens Blasting

stolen fire truck


Everyone is excited that bars are finally opened – at least for outside drinking – but this Alaskan man got a little too anxious to get to his favorite watering hole.

A local Fox affiliate in Alaska is reporting that a man allegedly “broke into a local firehouse, stole a truck, then drove with the sirens on for about 15 miles until reaching a bar in a neighboring town.”

Dawson Cody Porter was arrested on Saturday in front of Fisherman’s Bar, in the town of Naknek, shortly after arriving at the bar.

Porter allegedly used a piece of wood to bust through a window of the King Salmon Fire Station in Eagle River. He commandeered truck, turned on the sirens, and took off for the bar, smashing through the fire station doors.

The bar is about a half an hour drive from the firehouse.

Porter was arrested by police at the bar and charged with burglary, vehicle theft, and criminal mischief charges.

The police told the local news station that Porter caused “approximately $10,000 in damage and rendered a $100,000 piece of fire apparatus inoperable until repairs can be made.”

This is Porter’s second run-in with the local fire department. In 2017, he was arrested for stealing a fire department pickup truck.

I’m not sure where stealing a fire truck to impress your bar buddies ranks on the list of all-time greatest flexes but I know it’s below organizing a teen car theft ring but above looting a cheesecake.

[via Fox 23]


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