Animal Planet’s Forrest Galante May Have The Best, Or Possibly The Worst, Quarantine Setup In The World

forrest galante animal planet house


I was taking a look back to my trip to Animal Planet’s Forrest Galante’s house in Santa Barbara and was wondering, is this the best or worst quarantine house of all time?

You are either an animal guy or you’re not, there really isn’t any in-between on that, and so I couldn’t help but show signs of terror when Galante introduced me to his first guest before the cameras even started rolling, ‘John’ his 10-pound butterball turkey. I was thinking to myself ‘if the first animal I meet is a wild turkey, what is the last animal I am going to be introduced to?’


You are not going to find a guy more passionate about animals and wildlife than Galante, which is why I did everything in my power to keep it together throughout the tour and not freak out. When he found out my biggest fear in this world is snakes, he did what any animal expert would do, bring out a snake. That was the beauty of the guy, rather than cater to my comfort he decided to have fun with this and make me as uncomfortable as possible. Because after all, doesn’t that lead to the best content? A guy petrified of snakes, holding a snake while beads of sweat are dripping out of his fedora. Does it get any better than that?

I have kept in contact with Galante since our trip and can’t help but wonder what his quarantine situation is looking like right now. Are the pigs, turkeys, and snakes all wondering why their owner has been home so much? Are they getting a little sick of him coming to check up on them every 10 minutes? This is either the absolute best or absolute worst quarantine situation possible, there is no middle ground on this either.

This was truly one of my favorite episodes we have done for The Brilliantly Dumb Show because I was never more out of my element than I was this day. Galante is one of the most talented, passionate guys on TV right now and is someone I will call a friend for a long time to come. Be sure to check out his new show on the Discovery channel ‘Impossible Croc Rescue’.