Animal Planet Host Forrest Galante Joins The Brilliantly Dumb Show For What Should Be A Wild Happy Hour

forrest galante shark week

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Forrest Galante is a wild man. I really don’t know what another way to describe him. His passion for animals and wildlife has led him on a crazy life journey in which he has seen just about everything when it comes to wildlife, biology, and more. The man has been in two plane crashes, has been bitten by a shark twice, and still continues to power on through each day with no fear.

Galante has made numerous appearances on The Brilliantly Dumb Show from the tour he gave us of his Santa Barbara home, to riding electric surfboards in his home town.

There is never really a dull moment with the guy. Tonight the wild man and host of ‘Extinct Or Alive’ will be joining the show for our second happy hour. It’ll be a one hour consisting of nothing but tequila, animals, and stories from the man that has simply seen its all.

I recently watched Galante’s two appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience and couldn’t help but wonder what this guy is like with a couple of drinks in his system. I guess we will have to find out, come join us for what will be an action pack hour only on The Brilliantly Dumb Show.