Mouth-Watering Burgers, BBQ Pics, And 57 Of The Best Damn Photos On The Internet This Morning

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🍔Where is this Cheatmeal 🍔 🔥 @culturalcommons 🔥 — The ‘Macksimus Challenge’ With Six 180g Beef Patties, One Southern Fried Chicken, Six American Cheese, Twelve Rashers of Bacon, Onion, Lettuce and House Made Mack Sauce on a Brioche bun burger with Chips! — Great Burger! I went down a week ago to bring back the ‘Wolverine’ and do my first eating challenge in a year! With the support of @brandanchong I went in to put away the 1.8kg of food! If I did it in under 10 minutes I got it free, a t-Shirt and my picture on the wall. If I did it under 15 minutes I’d have to pay $50 but still get the T-Shirt and Picture on the Wall! — Results: I managed to put everything away in 6 Mins 20 Secs which to my knowledge puts me at the second fastest time! I struggled a little bit on the bacon and buns, but more so rookie errors and I know how to compensate next time! Therefore I got the meal free, a t-shirt and my picture on the wall! Safe to say the Wolverine is back! Also the burger itself was cooked perfectly and it was super tasty! Made it go down like a treat! — ⭐️Review⭐️: Bun – Large Brioche, Buttery and soft! Definitely bigger than I expected Beef – Large 180g Beef Patties, Cooked to a beautiful pink and were ridiculously juicy! So flavoursome Fried Chicken – Crispy Coating But super easy to eat! Juicy thigh in the middle and full of flavour! Bacon – Super crunchy and crispy rashers Cheese – American Cheddar, melted well Sauce – Mack Sauce, really tasty, wasn’t too much in the burger really but enough to give flavour! Overall – Great Burger, it was delicious and I can’t wait to go back and try their normal burgers and slow cooked meats! If you get a chance get in there and get a burg! 💰Price 💰- Challenge Burger, which I complete in under 10 mins… free for me! Otherwise $50 — ——————————————- #foods #foodie #foodporn #foodgasm #foodstagram #burger #burgers #melbourneburgers #instaburger #culturalcommons #burgertime #fitfam #fitness #fitnesscheatmeals #cheatmeal #cheatmeals #cheatday #foodchallenge #eatingchallenge #iifym #yummy #melbournefoodie #foodbible #eatfamous

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