Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix Horror Series Could Be The Next ‘Black Mirror’

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Plenty of people— myself included— started to complain a few years ago when a formerly stocked Netflix catalog saw more and more titles being removed from the streaming service in favor of original movies and television shows. People were skeptical of the pivot at the time, but based on how constantly its in-house content is on the receiving end of praise from viewers and critics alike, the strategy seems to be working out pretty well so far.

Netflix recently announced 85% of the company’s spending is going towards producing more originals as they continue to compete with Amazon and the countless other services trying to mimic their success. They’ve managed to maintain an edge by attracting high-quality talent and basically telling them to do whatever the fuck they want (with great results) and their latest acquisition gives Netflix subscribers plenty of reasons to get excited. 

According to Deadline, Netflix has signed a deal with iconic director Guillermo del Toro to produce a series called 10 After Midnight. The project is a horror anthology series that will be the first one of its kind on the platform, and will likely differ slightly in tone compared to the animated Trollhunters series the two parties have previously worked on. Del Toro is taking a similar approach to 10 After Midnight as David Fincher has to House of Cards and Mindhunter in that he’ll be directing (as well as writing) some episodes while being responsible for the overall vision of the show and recruiting other minds to contribute.

There aren’t any concrete details concerning what specifics of the horror genre the series will tackle, but anyone who has seen the worlds that the Oscar-winning director has built in his projects over the years should be pretty amped. Amazon recently attempted a similar concept with the mostly-ignored Lore, but given del Toro’s reputation, I think his production has the potential to be a lot more bingeable.

While we know basically nothing about the project beside the person who’s helming it, I can’t help but think we’re looking at what just might be the successor to Black Mirror. While the British import tends to toe the line between science fiction and horror, I’m going to assume 10 After Midnight is going to dive in headfirst.

I can’t wait to get to the bottom of the deep end.

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