Guy Reportedly Dumps Fiancée Over Text After Getting Handsy With Katie Holmes

Don Arnold/WireImage

*Movie Trailer Guy Voice* This fall, Katie Holmes is….The Holmeswrecker.

As recent as six weeks ago, 24-year-old designer and Attractive Woman Rachel Emmons posted a photo nuzzled up to her seemingly loving fiancé, chef and aspiring actor, Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Emmons, pictured below dressed to the nines with her 33-year-old beau in his grey Hane’s undershirt, in retrospect a symbolic representation of their commitment to one another.

The couple’s 18-month engagement relationship would reportedly perish by way of a text message from Vitolo on the same day as photos were first published of him getting frisky with to Holmes on a date in New York City, reported.

From Tom Cruise to Jamie Foxx to….this guy? There’s hope for us all.

“Up to this press coming out, Rachel had no idea what was going on,” one of Emmons’ friends told the site.

“He is a cheater, and this isn’t a ‘happy ending’ story,” she said of Vitolo, who works at his family’s Nolita restaurant, celeb-favorite Emilio’s Ballato. [via]

July 26, 2020:

They even shared a damn puppy together. Now he’ll likely take over step-dad roles for Holmes’ daughter.  God, dudes are ruthless.

The friend said, ‘They had concrete wedding plans in the works…now she is just left with bad press and forced to move home.’

November, 2019:

Rachel, if you’re reading this, keep your head up and slide in my DMs. I have a fiancee myself but I’m willing to risk it all.