Watch This Guy Rescue A Jeep Wrangler That Got Stuck While Off-Roading In Utah


Ever find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place?

I’m not talking about as a metaphor; I’m talking about when you find yourself literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, as often happens in the backcountry when off-roading.

This happened to me couple years back while rock-crawling down the trail in Nevada’s Wheeler Pass; While testing the crawl control in four-wheel drive, I took a brand-new, factory stock Toyota Tundra TRD into a sandy, eroded gulch just a little too far, coming just a few degrees away from a potentially hairy situation. Fortunately, I was able to navigate out of it, but still – the close call caused my adrenaline to sky-rocket and made the hair stand-up on my back.

You have to (A. know what you’re doing before heading out on the trail and (B. be prepared for mechanical break-downs and worst case scenarios when you’re dozens of miles away from another human being, let alone AAA.

That’s where Matt’s Off-Road Recovery comes in. Based in Hurricane, Utah, Matt’s Off-Road Recovery sets out to strand off-roaders in the desert wilderness near and around Zion National Park. Matt’s built an incredible YouTube channel documenting these vehicle recoveries and tows. In a fully tricked out bright yellow Jeep Cherokee, he’s seen it all when it comes to tourists that get stranded in the desert: A Tesla stuck in the stand, an RV that needs a hauled out – even off-road vehicles that should be able to handle the Utah desert’s rugged terrain, like a Can-Am that got stuck at Coral Pink Sand Dunes, requiring Matt and company to travel up 6,500 feet up through a difficult sand dune.

In his most recent vlog, Matt’s Off-Road Recovery heads out to the Virgin River (…the river that carved through the red sandstones of Zion National Park) to rescue a Jeep Wrangler that got stuck at the bottom of a difficult area called The Sand Chute.

This gang has seen it all when it comes to tough backcountry rescues. Nonetheless, he calls it “the most difficult rescue I’ve ever had.”

That’s saying something. I wonder how much business he’s going to get when yuppie Bro idiots like myself start taking their brand new, 2021 Ford Broncos out to Utah to get ’em dirty and test the limits of that independent front suspension in truly unforgiving desert terrain. Something tells me Matt’s business will be boomin’.

Watch the dramatic rescue here. That sandy hill sure is a doozy. Also, would love to know how much a tow like this costs?

I can’t recommend this YouTube channel enough. Just making a damn life for himself rescuing weird desert rats and posting it on YouTube for content. Incredible.

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