Hammerhead Vs Blacktip Shark: Fisherman Capture Stunning Footage Of Two Sharks Battling It Out

Hammerhead shark up close

iStockphoto / Carlos Grillo

As humans, it is easy to forget how the rest of the creatures on planet earth live at the whims of the food chain. We often take our species’ superiority for granted.

Then a video like this comes along and we’re reminded that nature is metal and it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Or in this case, it’s a Hammerhead vs Blacktip Shark deadly battle with neither shark emerging truly victorious.

Kenaro Malcolm of Key West Florida (@capytan_salt on Insta) was fishing for bonefish when they saw “a massive mud cloud in the distance with lots of splashing.”

They sped over to investigate and what they saw was a deadly hammerhead vs blacktip shark battle. The blacktip shark was latched onto the much larger hammerhead shark‘s dorsal fin.

By the time they got there the blacktip shark already had 2 bitemarks and things weren’t looking good for it. Hammerheads are much larger than blacktips. The average adult size is 15 to 18 feet for hammerheads and just under 5 feet for blacktips.

The comments express utter amazement from the fishing community. People wrote:

“That’s something ya don’t get to see every day!”

“The blacktip finally had enough.”

“The Greatest Show On Earth!!”

“That’s wild!! Respect to that blacktip.”

“The only way to survive that situation is to not let go.”

It is unclear how the incident ended as the video doesn’t show the resolution or aftermath of this shark encounter. But neither shark could really be named the ‘victor’ when both sustained serious bite marks. But make no mistake about it, the blacktip shark would make an easy meal for the must larger (and agitated) hammerhead.

The hammerhead vs blacktip shark battle has also gone viral on TikTok where it’s racked up tens of thousands of views.

These are two common species of shark in Florida. Especially in areas where sportfishing is prevalent like Key West.

Hammerhead sharks LOVE to feast on tarpon which is a very popular game fish in the Florida Keys.

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