Ex-Basketball Star Hanna Cavinder Goes Viral Over Bikini Selfie Shots

Hanna Cavinder

Megan Briggs/Getty Images

It’s time for a quick update on the Cavinder twins, with a spotlight on Hanna. You might remember them raising to TikTok fame during the pandemic.

Hanna, one half of the dynamic duo, alongside her sister Haley, who had quite a year in 2022, raking in an estimated $2 million. Impressive, right?

Their TikTok fanbase has soared to over 4.5 million followers, and they’ve got more than 2 million combined followers on Instagram.

After a trip to Tennessee, Hanna decided to grace her fans Instagram feeds with a mirror selfie sporting a striking red bikini. Her caption? A simple “han here 💃🏼”. That post went viral, gathering over 50,000 likes in less than 15 hours. Talk about making waves!

But that’s not all. Hanna has been keeping the vibes alive with another recent post, this time lounging poolside in—you guessed it—a bikini. She captioned the post: “Summer did summer.”

She added more pictures from her summer vacation. Hanna sure knows how to capture the summer vibes.

Now, let’s talk sports. After the Hurricanes’ Cinderella run during March Madness, both Haley and Hanna decided to take a pass on their fifth year of eligibility.

Instead, they’re diving headfirst into NIL deals and exploring exciting opportunities. And here’s a twist – they’re even venturing into the world of pro wrestling with WWE.

The twins have been making headlines for their unique style. They recently celebrated the 4th of July in some eye-catching lingerie, danced their way to TikTok fame in crop tops, and celebrated August in style, showing off their perfect tans in some skinny bikinis.

These twins sure know how to keep things interesting.