This Supercut Of Sign Language Interpreters Killing It At Heavy Metal Concerts Proves They Work Just As Hard As The Band

Here’s a job that I didn’t know existed until today – American Sign Language Interpreter at heavy metal concerts.

Shoutout to my old friends at Loudwire for putting together this epic supercut of sign language interpreters putting in work at heavy metal concerts.

Every interpreter is really giving it their all, and in a strange way, they’re all defacto members of the band. A deaf person can’t hear the music, but paid the same amount of money for a seat, so the interpreter probably feels compelled to put on a show.

I feel like an interpreter really has to be a fan of each band to get into the performance.

I’m sure it’s also a surreal experience for the band to consider a) deaf people are fans of their music and b) the music can be interpreted without using words or music.

And seriously, how cute is the blonde at the Sevendust show? I’d watch her all night and I can hear just fine.

[via Loudwire]

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