Honest Trailers Takes Aim At The Glorious Absurdity Of ‘National Treasure’

national treasure


Earlier this week, in an effort to innoculate myself to the widespread and systemic failure of various American institutions ahead of the Election, I decided to spend the past few nights watching some political thrillers, such as All The President’s Men, Spotlight, and Snowden. The reason that I mention this is because while watching Snowden (not very good, would skip it) arguably the most exciting scene is when the Nicolas Cage pops up to play one of his mentors at the CIA.

Cage is one of my favorite actors to write about, but perhaps not for the reasons you may think: yes, he’s almost become a living, self-aware meme in recent years, but the fact remains that when he wants to be, Nic Cage is actually a good actor. At the very least, he’s interesting. The man has won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his truly devastating work in Leaving Las Vegas and there’s part of me that believes not enough people know that.

Perhaps nothing describes Cage’s career quite National Treasure, the truly absurd yet thoroughly enjoyable treasure-hunting franchise from Disney, which was the target of ScreenJunkies’ hilarious “Honest Trailers” series this week.

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Now, while National Treasure may not technically count as a “political thriller”, I’ll definitely be firing it up on Disney+ tonight as Nicolas Cage running around for two hours doing his Nicolas Cage thing is exactly what I need right now.

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