Someone Drew Up A ‘Hunger Games’ District Map Of The USA And It Looks Like The Deep South Simply Cannot Be Defeated

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Are we headed for a new reality where the United States of America is broken up into districts where each district elects two representatives to compete in an annual Hunger Games? No, we’re not.

This wouldn’t happen in a million years. Not on this planet, not in this lifetime, not ever. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t at least fun to kill a few minutes debating which district would win.

Twitter user @_glittertiff drew up this map of potential U.S. districts for the Hunger Games and people are debating which district would be the favorite. A lot of people are assuming the Deep South would win but what’s strange is people are acting as if this is an all-out district war, and not two representatives from each district sent to battle.

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On the one hand, if it was a straight-up Hunger Games scenario I think the Pacific Northwest, Utah, and Mountain States have an advantage because they’re use to more rugged terrain. Whereas if it was a battle to take over the United States, the stockpile of guns in the Deep South would be unmatched based on the size of the region.

As a born-and-raised Floridian, I’d have to throw my District 4 in there because Florida’s taken over Houston and New Orleans. Combine those strongholds with the military bases in Pensacola, Tampa, and Jacksonville and I don’t see how anyone would ever overrun District 4.

But frankly, I’m not even sure what people are arguing here. The top reply is “District 13 has Philly, NY, & Boston? We outnumber so many people here” which would be valid if we weren’t talking about the Hunger Games where only TWO people from each district are chosen. In a straight-up war scenario, I’m still not choosing that district as a potential victor because the population density leaves them vulnerable to large attacks.

Anyway, here are some of the top replies with all of them arguing about different scenarios and Alaska finally realizing that they’re on the outside.

This is a valid point:

A lot of people out there thinking District 1 would be the first to fall are the same people who have probably never been to California.

Steve is telling it like it is:

Between Louisiana and Florida, the mosquitoes and alligators, nobody will be able to invade District 4 if it’s a war scenario. It just can’t happen. They’d try and storm the coastlines and get invasive pythons thrown at their boats. Not to mention that Florida has more recreational boats than the surrounding states and would be able to meet them miles out in the water. It’s a practically impenetrable ground. District 11 and District 4 would come to an understanding at some point not to attack each other and that would leave the rest of the map vulnerable when the batshit craziness of the Gulf Coast was combined with the Deep South. It’s all over then.

What the fuck am I even talking about here?

Can we just go back to a life with sports already so I don’t have to argue myself in circles?

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