Influencer Interrupts Man Boarding Up Store To Pretend She Was Helping Clean Up After Protests For Instagram Photo,Then Gets Into Her Mercedes And Drives Away

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It was only a matter of time until influencers found a way to try to capitalize on the protests against police brutality taking place across the country for Instagram clout.

On Monday night a video of a woman in Santa Monica interrupting a man boarding up his business just to take a photo pretending to be helping out during the protests and then immediately jumping into her Mercedes went viral.

The influencer/writer was immediately identified as Fiona Moriarity-McLaughlin aka FactswithFiona and was blasted by everyone Twitter and Instagram.

Fiona immediately put all over her social media accounts on private after the backlash.

Fiona was the first influencer to get caught to trying to get clout during the protests but she surely is going to be the last considering videos are already beginning to pop up of people trying to pose for Instagram pictures during marches.