Internet’s Obsessed With Two Absolutely Massive San Diego Sea Lions Who Stormed A Crowded Beach

Internet's Obsessed With Two Absolutely Massive San Diego Sea Lions Who Stormed A Crowded Beach

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Unless they live on the West Coast, most Americans only ever get to see sea lions in a zoo, on vacation, and/or in videos like this one that went viral over the weekend. The footage was filmed at a beach in the La Jolla area of San Diego in So Cal and it is surreal.

From the way this video starts, it feels like someone saw the mayhem unfolding and whipped out their iPhone. It opens up with the chaos already unfolding. Two absolutely massive sea lions are running through a very crowded and narrow portion of beach with people running and swimming in every direction in an effort to evade these absolute units.

I couldn’t give you a strong estimate on how big they actually are but male sea lions can weigh early 2,500 pounds and measure up to 11 feet in length. And the females can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. I think it’s safe to say these are definitely adults and certainly on the bigger side.

Two Absolutely Massive Sea Lions Stormed A Crowded San Diego Beach

After this video started going viral on Twitter, it seemed like everyone’s reaction was very pro-sea lion here. It’s their beach, it’s their ocean. Let’s see what people are saying.

Best Twitter reactions to this viral video from La Jolla

I’m pretty sure this is in Australia but it’s still a great viral video:

Womp womp…

‘Give them space’ seems like a pretty good policy.

You’re not alone, Diedrich, you’re not alone.

Apparently, there’s been a decades-long battle amongst some residents in La Jolla who want to reclaim the beach from sea lions. I saw some comment about how there’s a segment on This American Life about it but the episode I found was about harbor seals, not sea lions. Either way, it seems like there’s more going on here than just some absolute units chasing away tourists.