Jake Paul Sparks Outrage After Filming Himself Driving Golf Cart On Beach In Puerto Rico During Turtle Nesting Season

Jake Paul puerto rico

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Jake Paul has been staying with his brother Logan in Puerto Rico and they’re apparently annoying the locals with their antics.

A couple of months ago, Logan announced on his Youtube channel that he was moving from California to Puerto Rico to take advantage of the tax exemptions.

“It’s getting crazy here in California, paying taxes,” said Paul. “In Puerto Rico you’re motivated to do more and make more money because of the implications that come with it.”

Logan’s move was criticized due to the fact that many people in Puerto Rico are angry he will be getting tax exemptions that natives themselves are unable to take advantage of.

The Paul brothers are also complete assholes who have been accused in the past of being terrible neighbors with their constant partying and obnoxious pranks.

On Thursday a video Jake uploaded to Instagram went viral that shows him and some buddies riding around the beach in golf carts during turtle nesting season which is illegal.

It’s unclear if Paul will get in trouble over the joyride but it doesn’t seem like the locals appreciate his presence on the island.