Jamie Foxx Apologizes To Jewish Community Following Controversial Post

Jamie Foxx

Cindy Ord/Getty Image

Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx has issued an apology to the Jewish community after a recent social media post sparked allegations of antisemitism.

On August 4, Foxx took to his Instagram page to share a story that read, “They killed this dude name jesus… what do you think they’ll do to you???! #fakefriends #fakelove.”

The post quickly garnered attention and triggered a backlash across social media platforms.

Responding to the criticism, Foxx promptly deleted the controversial message and released an official statement to address the situation.

In his statement, posted on August 5, Foxx expressed regret and extended his apologies to the Jewish community and anyone who had been offended by his post.

He clarified that his choice of words was not intended to convey any negative sentiments towards the Jewish community.

“I want to apologize to the Jewish community and everyone who was offended by my post,” Foxx wrote on his Instagram page. “I now know my choice of words have caused offense and I’m sorry. That was never my intent.”

Foxx went on to offer further context to his original post. “To clarify, I was betrayed by a fake friend and that’s what I meant with ‘they,’ not anything more,” he explained. “I only have love in my heart for everyone. I love and support the Jewish community. My deepest apologies to anyone who was offended. Nothing but love always, Jamie Foxx.”

The incident underscores the power and potential consequences of social media posts, as public figures navigate the fine line between expression and potential offense.

Foxx’s willingness to address the situation and apologize for any unintentional harm caused is indicative of the ongoing dialogue surrounding sensitivity and awareness in the digital age.