Listen To The Ominous Alarms That Sounded Throughout Japan When North Korea Fired A Missile Hours Ago

Before most Americans were even eating dinner yesterday the sun was beginning to rise in Japan. At that hour of the day, the only people awake in Northern Japan‘s island of Hokkaido are the fishermen, truck drivers, elderly folk who don’t sleep, and other early risers. The average citizen was still sleeping and was probably woken in a state of absolute terror by those eerie and ominous alarms above.

North Korea flew a missile nearly 1700 miles and directly over Northern Japan in what is the most insane act of aggression we’ve seen from the most insane dictatorship in the world. The missile flying over the island of Hokkaido triggered Japan’s airstrike alarm system which alerts anyone in the area that a potential missile attack is imminent.

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The missile eventually flew over Hokkaido and eventually fell apart over the Pacific Ocean, but for several minutes the inhabitants of Hokkaido Island braced for the absolute worst, and above you can hear what those terrifying alarms sounded like. (h/t DIGG Video)

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