Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Reportedly Divorcing

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

David Crotty/Getty Images

Singer Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner are reportedly heading towards divorce, according to reports from TMZ.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation have informed TMZ that Joe Jonas has taken the significant step of contacting at least two prominent Los Angeles divorce lawyers, signaling his intent to file divorce documents to dissolve his marriage with Sophie Turner.

TMZ’s sources further indicate that the couple has been grappling with “serious problems” for the past six months, leading to this impending decision.

In the last three months, it has been reported that Joe Jonas has been primarily responsible for caring for their two young children, even while his band was on tour. Currently, Joe has taken on the role of primary caregiver as the band continues its tour across the United States.

Joe Jonas, 34, and Sophie Turner, 27, have managed to keep their marital struggles hidden from the public eye, with no apparent outward signs of trouble.

The couple has been seen together at various events. However, recent observations reveal that Joe Jonas has been seen without his wedding ring.

Adding to this, the couple recently sold their Miami mansion, which they had purchased just a year ago. The sale was reportedly concluded quickly and at a significant profit.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s relationship has been a whirlwind since they first got together in 2016. They became engaged a year later, opting for a spontaneous Vegas wedding in 2019.

Since the wedding, they have been dedicated to building a family, welcoming their first child in 2020, followed by another in 2022.