Internet’s Brain Collectively Breaks Over Reports Joe Pesci Is Unretiring To Star In A Pete Davidson Sitcom

'Bupkis': Joe Pesci Is Unretiring To Star In A Pete Davidson Sitcom

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Every so often — with increasing frequency, I should add — I come across a piece of news that makes it feel as though perhaps we truly are living in some sort of malfunctioning simulation. It’s certainly a more comforting hypothetical than the actual reality: humanity is falling apart. But that’s neither here nor there, especially in an article about a TV show.

This show — titled Bupkis — isn’t just any old show, apparently, as it’s not only set to be a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style comedy with Pete Davidson at its center, but reports indicate that legendary Academy Award winner Joe Pesci is, once again, unretiring to play a role in the series. The mindblowing cast list doesn’t stop there, as Bupkis, which will be a Peacock exclusive, also landed The Sopranos legend Edie Falco.

According to DeadlineBupkis will be a half-hour comedy that tells a “heightened, fictionalized version of Davidson’s life and is expected to reflect Davidson’s real-life persona with unapologetically R-rated storytelling.”

Joe Pesci and Edie Falco join the cast of Bupkis, a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style comedy starring Pete Davidson

The high-profile casting completes Davidson’s on-screen family, with Pesci playing his grandfather and Falco his mother. For Pesci, who is a series regular, this marks only the second TV show; he previously headlined the short-lived 1985 ABC detective comedy-drama Half Nelson.

Bringing Pesci back to the screen is a major coup for Davidson, who is co-writing and executive producing Bupkis in addition to starring. In 1999, Pesci announced that he would largely retire from acting and has done only three on-screen roles since then, most recently in the 2019 The Irishman. [via Deadline]

Naturally, given the admittedly bizarre combination of talents, the internet’s collective brain broke when it heard the news of Pesci’s return to comedy:

Bupkis will begin streaming on Peacock next year.

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