‘John Wick’ Director Teases How ‘The Continental’ Series Will Dive Deeper Into The Assassin Underworld


What makes the John Wick franchise so special are the intricacies of its universe. Yes, Keanu Reeves is incredible as the Boogeyman-like assassin, but what makes the franchise rise above your standard action-movie-fare are the details used to construct the world that Wick inhabits.

From the rules they abide by to the currency they use, the ecosystem of the John Wick universe is as detailed as we’ve seen in a major action franchise, and that is epitomized with the global chain of assassin friendly hotels: The Continental.

The Continental was such an immediate hit that a series — which was supposed to air on Starz sometime after the release of the fourth film — is currently in development.

In a recent interview with Fandom, director Chad Stahelski went into further detail about the series, explaining how it will delve deeper into the John Wick universe.

“The angle they’re working on The Continental TV show right now is a different perspective on the whole world, it’s coming at it from different characters’ points of view and what the breadth of the world is,” Stahelski said.

“Whereas in John Wick I’m following a time period that’s almost just a week in the life of one man, [for] who everything spirals out of control, which our John Wick story. The angle that the other producers and writers on the TV show are coming from is a very different timeline structure and a very different perspective of character. About how deep the world goes, and not just assassins but everything that’s included. And a lot of the origin stories of some of the characters you see in Wick. It’s got some very interesting things, it’s a very interesting take on the Wick world, which I think it pretty cool. But it won’t be from the John Wick perspective. Not that John Wick won’t be involved with it, it’s just not from his perspective.” [via Fandom]

Given our current global situation, the release of John Wick 4 — which was supposed to be May 21, 2021 — will almost certainly be delayed, which means The Continental is likely to be delayed as well.


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