Julia Rose Reveals The Massive Financial Ramifications Of Her World Series Flash

julia rose


Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, odds are that you’ve heard of Julia Rose, the Instagram model and entrepreneur who let her sweater puppies breathe for all of the world to see during Game 5 of the World Series.

To put it simply, it was one of the greatest sporting moments of, I don’t know, the last decade? Because while sports are great, they’re even better when a smokeshow who looks like this is kindly baring all for the millions watching at home.


But while Rose’s Game 5 flash may have been the cherry on top for the viewing audience at home, it wasn’t all smooth sailing behind-the-scenes, as Rose has not only been banned from all MLB events, but she paid a pretty heavy monetary price to hatch her scheme in the first place.

In an interview with Complex, Rose discussed a variety of topics surrounding her infamous Game 5 flash, including how much the whole stunt ended up costing:

Complex: Oh, that’s insane. How much did you guys pay for the tickets, if you don’t mind me asking?

Rose: Yeah. Our overall total tickets for the four that we had, we had six tickets total, for all of them, we paid around $80,000.

Complex: Why the World Series? You said you picked out the World Series last year. Is it just because the camera angle? Like you guys thought that would be the best way to get on TV?

Rose: Yeah, it’s one of the best sports with the most coverage. You know where the cameras are most of the time. Personally, I’m a huge football fan, but when it comes to football, you know it’s like almost impossible to get on camera. So we knew the cameras and where they’d be, and it’s the kind of just-go-for-it-type thing with baseball.

While $80,000 is certainly a pretty penny, given the amount of free publicity and press that Rose has gotten, that 80K has almost certainly already paid itself back. Quite the businesswoman, that Julia Rose.

Also, Julia, if you see this, you’re my hero. Keep fightin’ the good fight. Oh, and everyone else reading, make sure to go and support ShagMag, Rose’s millennial version of Playboy, or whatever.





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