Awesome Dad Convinces Justin Timberlake To Hold His Baby At A Golf Match By Getting The Crowd Involved

It is pretty obvious to see that Justin Timberlake wanted nothing to do with this guy or his baby. It’s also plain to see that this dad is one funny MoFo. The latter part of this story put Justin Timberlake in a pickle because the dad got the crowd on his side. If J.T. didn’t walk over and hold that baby for a photo he would’ve been shamed and possibly booed. All’s well that ends well, right?

If I’m J.T. in that situation, I’m torn. First and foremost I don’t want to get shit on my hands while playing golf. Yes, I’m already wearing a golf glove. But the flip side of that is babies are literally covered in feces 24/7/365. This is fact. You either pick up the baby and run the risk of holding a steamy dump in your hands before attempting to rip a drive down the fairway. This is a mentally jarring prospect, and an experience that’s likely to stick with you for the rest of the round. There’s a decent chance that J.T. picks up that baby, feels a hot diaper, and doesn’t hit a good drive for the rest of the day. It’s just science.

And on the flip side, if Justin Timberlake didn’t take a pic with that kid he would’ve been publicly shamed…What would you do? (h/t r/videos)