Kay Adams Sprays Herself With Champagne In Video She Says Should Be ‘Behind A Paywall’

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To celebrate her recent 37th birthday, Kay Adams — the former Good Morning Football host who now has her own show over at FanDuel — popped a bottle of champagne on her show. Unfortunately Adams, though, (and most people who try to pop champagne), things didn’t necessarily go as planned.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Adams accidentally doses herself with champagne live on-air in a video that she says should be “behind a paywall.” As for what exactly she means by that, we’ll let you figure it out.

As mentioned above, Adams previously hosted the daily NFL Network show Good Morning Football from 2016 to 2022. First launched in 2016, NFL Network’s Good Morning Football is essentially their version of The Today Show, as the program runs for three hours live each weekday morning and covers the NFL at a national level. Since departing NFL Network, she’s hosted her own show, Up & Adams, on the FanDuel TV network.

Thanks to her stint as host of Good Morning Football, Adams has become one of the most recognizable personalities in the world of NFL media, as she regularly chats with some of the biggest stars in the league.

Adams isn’t limited only to covering football, though, as she also has NBA-related guests on her show, such as insider Shams Charania, which has resulted in a handful of viral clips in recent months.

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